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Cruiser Bow Ripped Off By Typhoon, 1945/07/23

Published 1945

(1) 21 ships of Admiral Halsey's 3rd fleet damaged off Japan, USS Pittsburgh lost 100 feet of bow, but survived; (2) 44th Division Comes Home, on passenger liner, greeted by Marlene Dietrich; (3) Fire Destroys Lake Steamer - ship Harmonic on Lake Ontario; (4) Aviation in the News - 72-ton MARS flying boat christened in Baltimore, the largest flying boat in service in the U.S. (5) Los Angeles - Hughes Aircraft in Culver City building the plywood H4 flying boat, with wing 320 feet long (6) Big Three Open Parley Near Berlin - USS Augusta carries Truman to Antwerp, then to Brussels and flight to Germany, reviews 2nd Armored Division, Truman pictured with Stalin and Churchill, meet in former palace of Kaiser Wilhelm, Truman speaks, flag raised. (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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